About Us

Wilmington Holdings PLC, a UK public limited company headquartered in London, with company registration number 12374254 and its wholly owned subsidiary, Wilmington Operations Limited, manage and operate Lucky Gift Cards.

Lucky Gift Cards give you the ability to earn income in bitcoin every week from the winnings of a lottery pool. There’s no need to buy tickets, register on a gambling site, part with any money, pick numbers or place bets.

Joining a pool is often seen as the best way to win from a lottery. Whatever your dream, a place in the sun, financial security for life, a college education for your children, a magnificent soft top sports car, joining a pool today could make your dream come true tomorrow.

Sure, you have to share the prizes, but there are more of them, and winning is winning!

It’s not just any lottery the pool enters, it’s 6aus49 on the world’s biggest digital lottery site, Crypto Millions Lotto. Twice a week, from the comfort of your home, you can sit back and check in to see the results and how the pool’s winnings have grown.

After each draw, your winnings are automatically credited to your account. With jackpots that start at a whopping $30 million and increase until won, they’re definitely worth playing for.